"Doing high intensity workouts had left me with pain I could no longer tolerate. Dr. Scott Hoar, not only explained the “whys” of my pain, but had a plan to getting me back to good mobility. Staff is warm, and appointments are timely. And most importantly, I’m feeling great! He truly is the BEST!"

— Christine T


"Dr. Scott has helped me tremendously on numerous occasions. Its rare that I write these reviews but I really appreciate the benefit he has brought me."

— Jason D


I began seeing Dr Hoar for chronic low back pain that had become a constant source of discomfort. I've been seeing him for about 2 1/2 months now and am feeling nearly normal again. HIs approach of Chiropractic adjustments coupled with PT exercises not provides immediate relief while working to correct the root cause for long term results. I couldn't be happier with the results.

— Lisa B


Had problems with neck and back pain. Dr. Hoar found that I had problems in my shoulder that were the root of the issue. After about four visits my problems were 90% resolved. I’ve been to many many chiropractors and this is the first time I’ve actually felt noticeable and real results that actually lasted. I’m a huge chiropractic skeptic and I’m genuinely impressed by this office. Worth a shot if you’re dealing with any pain problems.

— Nick M


Dr. Scott is not your average chiropractor. I think we've all been to the chiropractor who cracks you and walks away giving relief for a bit but needing constant follow ups. Dr. Scott addresses your issue with your standard cracking, but is also certified in ART (Active Release Technique), and continues to teach your body how to operate properly with exercises meant to alleviate future issues. Can't say enough good about somebody who wants to actually see you less because of how much better you are feeling. He also worked around my schedule seeing me after 5pm and on Saturdays. Look him up.

— Jason K