We are here to help you reclaim your life.


It all started when…

I was an injured catcher on my college baseball team at Radford University. After exhausting all other options I felt like I’d tried everything with no success and my athletic trainer suggested I visit a chiropractor. It made such a difference that I instantly realized what I wanted to do with my life.

I want to help people realize that you don’t need drugs or surgery to get out of pain and feel good.

Our practice uses ‘First Chiropractic, Then Progressive Rehabilitation’ to not only help you get out of pain, but also improve your overall physical health. Our patients experience improved flexibility, balance and coordination because we effectively alter your posture and movement patterns to relieve your symptoms at the cause. Our proven methods get the success you want to help you restore activity so you can return the focus of your life to your health, your family and your productivity.

Dr. Scott Hoar is also an active Board member of the Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation. If you’d like to contribute or get involved with the Foundation, please visit the website at DelrayTennisFoundation.org.


Dr. Scott Hoar -Doctor of Chiropractic

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