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Sports medicine treatment available at locations in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, FL.


Exercise Prescriptions (online or in person)

Personalized assessment then 1-2 exercises prescribed to help you decrease injuries and improve movement.


Fitness Education

 Online or in-person continuing education, workshops, and 'Exercise Prescription' certifications.

At Mobility 4 Life Chiropractic and Sports Medicine we are committed that you get to have the comfort and quality of life you want, your whole life. Your body, without limits.

Low back pain is the number one cause of disability in the world. Most people will experience lower back pain during their lifetime. Care from a chiropractor is the most popular choice for alternative treatment of lower back pain and sciatica. Drastic intervention like surgery is now being recommended only as a last resort after attempting more conservative methods, like lower back pain.

At Mobility 4 Life Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Boynton Beach, we apply that same model to physical pain and injuries throughout the body. Whether it's frozen shoulder pain or knee pain, If you are looking to avoid surgery and harmful pharmaceuticals, chiropractic, massage therapy and sports medicine treatments might be the route for you.




Dr. Scott Hoar, Chiropractor Boynton Beach

Typical chiropractic treatment involves ensuring the alignments of the bones and joints throughout the body. That model is fantastic and has been helping people's ailments for over a hundred years. However at Mobility 4 Life Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, we combine chiropractic treatment with muscle treatments, like Active Release Technique (ART), with specific exercise prescriptions and physiotherapy so that you have exercise that can help alleviate your problems and speed up recovery.

There are certain areas of your body where we want to maximize flexibility and certain areas where'd we like to minimize flexibility. What happens as we age and deal with injuries and poor posture, we lose flexibility in certain areas. This causes us to compensate when we move and steal (increase) the flexibility in the areas that we don't want moving much. The result of inappropriate flexibility to an area that isn't designed for it is an increase of stress and degeneration in the area (as well as back pain). So in our training (and in treatment) we want to increase the flexibility in areas like our upper neck, shoulder, upper torso, hips, and ankles while minimizing movement (and increasing stability/control) in areas like our lower neck, or shoulder girdles, our lower backs and our knees.

Dr. Hoar has treated advanced athletes from the NFL, NHL, PGA, NCAA, UFC, as well as professional tennis players, pilates enthusiasts and triathletes. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, he is able to merge the needs of the injured patients with the knowledge and skills of the active athlete looking to return to their passions.


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Our Patients

Our patients come from all walks of life. Dr. Hoar's extensive background in sports medicine and as a chiropractor benefits anyone who has pain that prevents them from living a healthy active life. We treat athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are recovering from injury or training to meet specific goals, but you don't have to be an athlete to take advantage of the Mobilty 4 Life Model. In fact, many of our patients are busy people who are raising families, growing their careers or businesses, or wanting to fully enjoy retired life.

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Exercise Prescriptions

Exercise Prescriptions are a unique offering of Mobility 4 Life Chiropractic. Many chiropractors aren't well versed in exercise and rehabilitation. At Mobility 4 Life we are able to assess the way you move your body, detect any shortcomings, then prescribe several manageable exercises to help speed up healing times and to ensure comfort and mobility for Life.

We provide successful treatment of sciaticaneck pain, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, bursitis, headaches and many other conditions. We also manage traumatic injuries like cervical strain-sprain resulting from a car accident 'whiplash'; recovery from hip or knee surgery; shoulder injuries such as torn rotator cuff either before or after surgery.